The Writing Rituals Sanctuary

We are a fun group of writing enthusiasts that get together online to write, learn, laugh, and chill with each other. 

The community was founded in September 2022, when Sharon decided to create a space for other like-minded artsy and creative people who love to write, and have huge writing dreams and goals. Our aim is to build our community to over 30+ people by the end of Dec 2022!


Come Write With Us

Every month you will receive a focus session for ritual setting and a couple of useful resources, plus writing workshops on the following topics, where we will come together to set goals, imagine, and write. Sharon will provide guidance and prompts to facilitate each session. We hope to have guest expert facilitators from time to time too!


Our Artsy Members

It's time for you to take that book, screenplay, poem, blog page (whatever it is for you) seriously.


Prompts, mini-guides, tips, meditations, write-athons... and more!
All hosted on a cool app (on your phone and/or laptop).

Sign up below for immediate access to the sanctuary 

(we start on Monday 26th September!!)

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Writing Rituals Sanctuary

This is a sanctuary for creating rituals that support your passion ... sets and keeps your writing goals on track with rituals that create consistent habits, helping you to feel inspired, in the zone, and in flow for maximum output and writing fun!

10.00 GBP / month

Hey Ritual-ista!

I'm so excited you've joined us.

Access our writing sanctuary here.

Look forward to speaking to you soon.

Best wishes,

Sharon x

*£10 p/m (introductory price for first 25 people - you will be grandfathered in at this price)